bingopicEvery Wednesday Night!

Doors Open at 4:30 pm

Games Start at 6:30 pm

Join us for a fun night of BINGO at the Washington County Community Center in Abingdon, VA., located at 300 Senior Drive, Abingdon, VA.  Bring your friends, bring your kids and bring your daubers for a full night of BINGO!!!   276-628-3911

Play every game for just $25.00.  Added jackpot sheets cost extra, and of course you can always buy extra Early Bird and Regular Packs to increase your chances.  We now have progressive jackpot games as well.  BRING A NEW PLAYER and get $5.00 off the price of your package.

The Washington County Community Center, based in Abingdon, Va.,  is the home base for Meals on Wheels, so all proceeds from BINGO go to support the Meals on Wheels program for all of Washington County.  In the near future The Community Center will also be developing other Community Outreach Programs to help the Community with the proceeds from BINGO!

There are Door Prizes ~ Pull Tabs ~ Food & Drink for Sale and or course LOTS OF FUN!



You’ll love our Bingo Manager and Bingo Caller Randy Callahan.  Drop by and say “Hi” and help support Meals on Wheels.

For further information, contact:  Randy Callahan, Bingo Manager & Development Director at: