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The Washington County Community Center, located in Abingdon, Va., is a 501(C)3 non-profit that is 100% donation funded with supplementary income coming from the rental of our facilities. Our primary program that most people are familiar with is our Meals on Wheels program. For more information on that program, check out the link to it.

The Washington County Community Center is located in what used to be called the Senior Center in Abingdon, Virginia. Senior Services Center, Inc was established in 1972 and became a 501(C)3 in 1974. The senior center, while always open to all of Washington County Virginia senior residents,  has relocated several times during its lifetime ultimately ending up at 300 Senior Drive, in Abingdon, Virginia. The expansion of the Center into these much larger facilities prompted the Executive Director to re-evaluate the center’s mission. With the larger space, the center’s mission changed from providing services only to seniors and expanded to include all Washington County residents regardless of age. The mission changed to reflect this much larger purpose and the name change is reflected in this current dba (doing business as).

The Washington County Community Center is unique in that is serves all of Washington County, Virginia residents. With over 15,000 square foot building on an approximate 4 acres of land, the Community Center is striving to provide programming to meet the needs of all the citizens. The Center offers an affordable and elegant venue for many different functions from baby showers to weddings, birthday parties to corporate seminars. For more information about our rentals look at our Virginia Ballroom informational link.

As the center enters into its third year as The Washington County Community Center, it has become even more important for the community to become involved. Our facilities are in the process of being updated and our grounds renovated to offer more programs and services to all of our community. In order to provide the additional programs and upgrades, your help is needed. If you can afford to, you can follow the link below to set up a reoccuring donation monthly for whatever amount you can handle. If you are unable to donate monitarily, volunteers to help with the programming and fundraising efforts are always welcome.

We look forward to meeting with you soon! As the old saying goes, charity begins at home. To Donate Click below