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Do you know someone who needs Meals on Wheels?


Today’s Elderly Nutrition Programs in the United States trace their roots back to Great Britain during World War II (1939.) During the Blitz, when German planes bombarded English soil, many people in Britain lost their homes and, subsequently, their ability to cook meals for themselves. The Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defense responded to this emergency by preparing and delivering meals to their disadvantaged neighbors. These women also brought refreshments in canteens to servicemen during World War II. The canteens came to be known as “Meals on Wheels.” Thus, the first organized nutrition program was born.

To Apply for Meals on Wheels, copy or download this application and return to the Community Center of Abingdon.

Meals on Wheels Application Download

MOW Application 2018



Special thanks to all our donors and volunteers!

$5,000 – The Town of Abingdon

$3,100 – Christ The King Catholic Church

$2,000-$3000 – Wayne and Laura Craig, ongoing donations

Link Elmore

$1,000 Donors

Mike Valenza                                   Don Thompson                           Susan Brown
Caroline Spires

$500 Donors
Abingdon First Church of God
Order of the EASTERN STAR, Abingdon Chapter #182
James Elmore
Sam Hurt
L.A. Lynn Merrill
Penn Stuart, Abingdon
Dr. James D. Moore, Jr.
Dene Peterson
Shirley Salyer
In Honor of Catherine Rumschlag’s 90th Birthday

$200-$400 Donors
Abingdon Nutrition Program
for the Elderly
Connie Betts
Wayne Craig
Ashby Dickerson
Rana Daston
Jim & Karen Gardner
First Christian Church of Abingdon
Rick Humphreys
Ben & Merry Jennings
Jon Kessler
Sue Warren (In Memory of her late husband, Sam Warren)

$50-99 Donors

Al’s Outdoor Equipment
Christian and Carrie Alexander
Marianne Boyle
Abingdon Bridge Club
Albert Bradley
Sha Brown
Carol Brunty
Crumpler Bible Class
Sarah Faulk
Karen Gardner’s Circle
Debra Goodenough
Nathalie Graham
Teresa Harless
Martha Henry
Rosemary and John Kling
Marty Large
Catherine Lowe
Larry Mahood
Maureen Moffet
Jill Morris
Pat Prather
Barry Proctor
Emily Robinson
Claudine Roberts
Don Thompson
Deborah Townsend
Alexandra Veatch
James Warden
Joyce Widener
Molly Wright

$1-25 Donors
Bill Andrews
Amber Amburgey
Alan Bayse
Carrie Beck
Diane Blackburn
Bobby Bolling
Cramer Boswell
Carol Brunty
Catherine Bush
Dorothy Cannon
Connie Clay
Jerry Clingerman
Ken Croghan
Lovenia Cullop
Bill Demise
Michael Dowling
Jayne Duehring
Bernice Dunn
Donnie Duty
Ed Eller
Ron Ely
Christine Fleet
Anne Fleming
Rosalie Fratto
Sandy Frederick
Carol Gray
Judy Gallion
Warren Harris
Mary Anne Hinshelwood
Mrs. Holbrook
Peggy & Jim Hughes
Amber Hurley
Richard Humphreys
Ruby Hurt
Jill Jessee
Ann Johnson
D.B. Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Fred Keller
Gilda Keller
Grace Kiser
Juanita Lawson
Sherri Lawson
Sherrie Leah
Amanda Livingston

Meals on Wheels Volunteers
Karen Lane
Danny Schull
Claudine Roberts
Doris Wells
Catherine Rumschlag
Anne Liebig
Dene Peterson
Rosalie Fratto
Tom Boyle
Ikue Eng
Marty Huber
Joanne Detta
Bill Andrews
Terry Meade
Christine Webb
Madeline Dean
Businesses who contributed in- kind donations:
Abingdon Farmer’s Market
Food City of Abingdon
Food City of Damascus
Sam’s Club
Super Dollar of Abingdon

$101-199 Donor
Old Beau Hannifin
Neel Rich
Dana Wolfe

$100 Donors
Abingdon United Methodist Church
James Braun
Elizabeth Brown
Josephine Campbell
Christ The King Catholic Church
Laura Craig
Dana Duncan
Brenda Hallock Circle
Helen Henderson
W.B. Henderson
Rose Hudson
Dawn Kuhn
Donna Levine
Elizabeth Lowe
Bruce Mathews
Irvin Nickerson
Morning Rotary Club, Wash. Co.
Nadine Ritchie
Debra Simmons
Kenneth Smith
Mitzi Smith, The Peppermill
Millie Willis
Scott Wingard
Urbane Uncommon, LLC

$1-25 Donors (Continued)
Tricia Matthews
Gary Meade
Maureen McClanahan
Debra McCown
Doris Morefield
Gail Nadeau
Allison Neely
Charlotte Parsons
David Patton
Lucy Phillips
Helen Powers
Mike Rickman
George and Carolyn Roark
Margaret Roe
Catherine Rumschlag
Joshua Rush
Jeanette Sanders
Sharon Separ
Ella Seymore
Jerry Sexton
B.J. Stephens
Thomas Sutton
Collette Taylor
Kathy Tickle
Mickey Tyler
Christine Webb
Nathan Wampler
William King Museum
Leona Willis
Wolf Hills Brewery
Dana Wolfe
Z’s Fine Art


Special thanks to Michael and Alyssa Hawks for donating extra food from their wedding reception to Meals on Wheels. What a great way to start a new life together.