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Do you know someone who needs Meals on Wheels?


Today’s Elderly Nutrition Programs in the United States trace their roots back to Great Britain during World War II (1939.) During the Blitz, when German planes bombarded English soil, many people in Britain lost their homes and, subsequently, their ability to cook meals for themselves. The Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defense responded to this emergency by preparing and delivering meals to their disadvantaged neighbors. These women also brought refreshments in canteens to servicemen during World War II. The canteens came to be known as “Meals on Wheels.” Thus, the first organized nutrition program was born.

Special thanks go out to all of our Meals on Wheels drivers who constantly give of themselves every Monday and Thursday to deliver the Meals to the homebound and disabled people. Without their help, we couldn’t do what we do.

If you have time to volunteer to drive one of our afternoon routes Mondays or Thursdays, please call (276) 628-3911 as soon as possible or email us at info@theccoa.org

To Apply for Meals on Wheels, copy or download this application and return to The Washington County Community Center, located in Abingdon, Va.

Meals on Wheels Application Download

MOW Application 2018